The Intelligent Network sysTem Laboratory

The Intelligent Network sysTem (INT) lab focuses on cutting-edge network system research, including wireless networks, edge computing, autonomous driving, and mobile metaverse.
Advanced Network Systems [project website]
  • Research on a variety of advanced network systems, e.g., end-to-end slicing and edge computing
  • Develop state-of-the-art system prototypes with diverse opensource platform, e.g., OpenAirInterface, OpenDayLight, OpenAir-CN, and CUDA platform

  • Selected Publications: CoNEXT'22, CoNEXT'21, ICDCS'20, MobiHoc'19, ICDCS'19, ICNP'21

    Funding Agencies:
    • National Science Foundation: CNS Core: Medium: Field-Nets: Field-to-Edge Connectivity for Joint Communication and Sensing in Next-Generation Intelligent Agricultural Networks, [details]
    Real World Machine Learning
  • Research on real-world AI/ML for practical systems, e.g., network and transporation
  • Design novel offline and online machine learning algorithms to deal with real world variabilities

  • Selected Publications: IEEE Network Magazine'20, ICNP'21, CoNEXT'21, IEEE Network Magazine'23

    Funding Agencies:
    • UNL Layman Award: Automated offline simulator augmentation with real-to-sim learning in mobile networks, [details]
    • Nebraska EPSCoR: Real-World Machine Learning in Mobile Network Slicing, [details]
    Networked Autonomous Driving
  • Research on autonomous driving solutions by integrating vehicular and infrastructual information, e.g., live high-definition map.
  • Develop connected vehicle systems and vehicle-network co-simulation platforms

  • Selected Publications: INFOCOM'21, ICC'22

    Funding Agencies:
    • Toyota: Collaborative Data Offloading and Resource Provisioning for Crowdsourcing HD Map in Automotive Edge Computing.
    Mobile Metaverse
  • Research on adaptive metaverse systems with edge computing over mobile networks, e.g., 5G and WiFi
  • Design adaptive protocol, algorithm and system prototypes, e.g., Omniverse, Oculus, and AR/VR

  • Selected Publications: ICNP'18, INFOCOM'18

    Funding Agencies:
    • TBD.
    Open Source